Which files to ignore when committing changes (gitignore)

Hi all, as with the topic, i’d like to know precisely which files i got to ignore when i want to do a commit to my repo, so also to create a correct gitignore file.

More explicitly, i’d like to know if i have to ignore the file “.project”.

Thanks in advance for the answers.

There are many templates that you can find, it really comes down to your specific project but a good template to follow that i follow is


Ok thanks for your reply.

So what for the “.project” file in your opinion ? Should i take or leave it ?

Ive seen lots of people use the .project in there git.ignores and it seems to cause them no issues so its really up to you. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

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If you using the ashot plugin then you may want to ignore the screenshots in Screenshots folder created by that plugin