Where do we use ModifyObjectProperty keyword in real time

Could you tell me a real time scenario, where do we use ModifyObjectProperty. I was reading the document https://docs.katalon.com/display/KD/[WebUI]+Modify+Object+Property

Real Scenario : click on KATALON download studio link “https://www.katalon.com/” displayed by google

Step 1) enter search text “KATALON studio” in google search text box.
Step 2) After submit , google will display KATALON download link result
Step 3) There is possibility that google may display "“https://www.katalon.com/” link on 1st or 2nd position or may be other position on every search.

Step 4) So on runtime we will just update the link(Object) property like xpath,name etc to identify the correct location of the object which we want to click.
Here ModifyObjectProperty will help to set the property value .
Step 5) then we will click on the expected link.