What is the right way to run executions on TestOps agents (Local or Docker) using Katalon Runtime Engine

Hi there,

I am looking to learn the foundation of Katalon, and I am currently working on the Professional level certification. However, and I am stuck on the following:

  • 5 test run executions on TestOps agents (Local or Docker) using Katalon Runtime Engine

I don’t see a lot of documentation around this. The only documentation I found was: Test Execution with TestOps | Katalon Docs

I am not sure this helps me meet the requirements, because I was successful in executing the steps in the documentation. However, my task is still not showing complete.

I just want a bit of clarity around this task - and a bit of help to getting started if anyone has been on the same boat.


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After some tinkering around, I feel I have found the correct way. No way to verify yet as the certifications page only refreshes at 00:00 UTC. Let me know if everything looks correct to run executions on TestOps agents using Katalon Runtime Engine:

  1. Download and install Katalon Studio from the Katalon website.
  2. Create a Test Suite or Test Suite Collection in Katalon Studio.
  3. Download Katalon Runtime Engine from the Katalon website.
  4. Go to the Katalon TestOps platform and create a project if you haven’t already.
  5. In your TestOps project, go to “Configurations” and then “Agent Setup”.
  6. Select “Local Environment”, choose your operating system, and download the agent (which will be downloaded as a zip file).
  7. Unzip the agent file to a location on your local machine.
  8. In Katalon Studio, open the “Build CMD” dialog by selecting your Test Suite or Test Suite Collection and clicking on the “Build” button.
  9. Choose your desired browser and platform for the test run, then click “Generate Command”. This will generate a command to run the test in the console.
  10. Copy the generated command to your clipboard.
  11. Open a Command Prompt or Terminal window on your local machine.
  12. Navigate to the directory where you unzipped the agent file.
  13. Paste the command you copied in step 10 into the Command Prompt or Terminal window.
  14. Append the following to the command: “-testOpsAgentType=local -testOpsLocalAgentPath=path\to\agent\file -testOpsLocalAgentPort=50001”. Replace “path\to\agent\file” with the actual file path to the agent you unzipped in step 7.
  15. Press “Enter” to execute the command.
  16. After the test run completes, verify the test results and reports in the TestOps platform.


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Hi @bibidhsubedi! First of all, thank you for your interest in Katalon solutions and the Certification Program. I’m glad you spent time exploring the steps yourself while waiting for response.

For your steps, I’m not sure it’s correct. But apparently, it worked since your dashboard updates that you completed this criteria.

For the steps I expect users to take:

  1. Set up an agent. Doc: Create a Local Test Environment with an Agent | Katalon Docs
  2. Go to Test Execution > Schedule Test Run > Choose your tests (you will need to connect the Git repo to TestOps) > Choose Local Test Environment for Where to run > Select the agent. Doc: Schedule Test Runs in TestOps | Katalon Docs
  3. Click on the Schedule or Run button
  4. After the test run completes, verify the test results and reports in the Katalon Platform

And congrats on your efforts on achieving the certificates :clap:

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Hello @bibidhsubedi,

Do you mind informing us if this steps worked with you? I’m currently looking for a way to do it as well.

@reemalsenan Look at my comment above, it worked!