What is AI software development lifecycle

Could someone break down the stages involved in the AI software development lifecycle? How does it typically start, progress, and conclude? Are there any unique challenges or considerations specific to AI development that distinguish it from conventional software development?


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Welcome to our community. To me, I usually start developing AI software by collecting data & pre-processing it (e.g.: cleaning up data, data annotation & labeling, …). This requires a lot of manual work and needs quality control to ensure the accuracy of training. Then I find the models to develop, single model or ensemble, unsupervised or supervised, … And test & validation. The challenge of AI software development is the quality & relevance of training data and the uncertainty of its performance. Just keep testing and adjusting. :smiley:


I found this website which may be worth taking a look into:


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I would say not really.
You still need requirements. You need your environment created in a specific way. You need development and testing process done. which are similar process steps to typical agile and waterfall processes. sure the how you test is different, but thats really no different than testing different hardware, and software aspects.