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For example, the login section has a data file before,how do the log file to run the data file that retrieves the data in the data file and then run without the need to enter , connect directly to the data file to run

có file dữ liệu mình tải lên rồi, làm thế nào để phần đăng nhập chạy với các dữ liệu có trong file dữ liệu mà không cần phải nhập

Yes, looks like I dragged the icon straight to the icon bar instead to the applications folder

Based from that log, I see that Katalon Studio is started using this path: /Volumes/Katalon Studio 2/Katalon Studio.app, which is not correct. If you follow instructions from .dmg file which is downloaded from the website, it will tell to drag and drop Katalon Studio into Applications folder already.

=> So please change to run Katalon Studio in Applications folder instead

Actually it’s running, please remove -consoleLog when you execute job on Jenkins to see execution logs from Jenkins itself.

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In your case, please read this guide to know how to setup data file in your test suite for looping execution :slight_smile: