Weird behaviour when using WebUI.verifyElementVisible keyword

Hello @Katalon_team,

in a custom keyword, i am using the in-build keyword WebUI.verifyElementVisible to check whether a web element is present & visible on the screen with handling failure. However, in the log, i noticed that there are too many long stacktrace being logged. With some research on katalon forum, i found that i can used try…catch block to overcome that. But to my surprise, i can still observed long stacktrace. Please see my sample code:

And see below sample of the logs via console:

I do not want to use the in-build keyword WebUI.waitForElementPresent…

Please advised how to avoid that long stacktrace.

`WebUI.verifyXXXXX()" keywords ALWAYS emit verbose StackTrace when the condition is found falsy even when you specified FailureHandling.OPTIONS.

Do you think it is weird? Yes, it is. But it is implemented as is.

The only wait to suppress StackTrace printing is to change to WebUI.waitForXXXX keyword.

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Here is my previous study.