[WebUI] Get All Links On Current Page

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May i know how we can export all these links to excel?

Hi, does anyone know how to retrieve specific URLs that are on a web page which will then open or navigate to the same browser page ?

Does anyone know how to iterate through all these links one by one?

Hi @Labinot.krasniqi95

The keyword returns a List<String> which you can iterate by doing:

List<String> allURLs = WebUI.GetAllLinksOnCurrentPageKeywor(...)
for(String aURL : allURLs) {
 println aURL;
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are you able to export it to excel/csv ?

what if i want to get all a href links of a search results page of google ?
becasue WebUI.GetAllLinksOnCurrentPageKeywor()
will give all links of page. i need only a href links
what should i do ?
Please suggest