Webservices Testing using data files

Hi there,

I am using elastic search to store a huge amount of data and I want to use the katalon to validate the data based on a csv file.



“query”: {
“bool”: {
“must”: [
{ “match”: { “cnpj”: “10140281000131” }},
{ “match”: { “productId”: “67592” }}

So, the cnpj and productId fields should be used as variable. My question is if that is possible to do that using Katalon?



Is it possible to do something like this on GET: http://myurl.com/rest/V1/products/{{EAN}} ?

The values for {{EAN}} will be set from a data file.


Hi Vinn.

I used your example in my testes, but i have do to something like this:

RequestObject request = findTestObject(‘REST_CommentDetails’ + my_variable)

The url parameter has to be a variable.


Yes it’s possible. You can download this for a sample web service testing project using data driven. In that Project, you can find:
- Test Case ‘TC01_REST_Verify Email from list of Comments’ uses the variable ‘postId’
- Test Data ‘REST Parameters’ with the three rows of value that we want to use with the Test Case
- Test Suite ‘TS_RegressionTest’ where we config the DataBinding between the Test Case and the Test Data


Hi Vinn,
I have a similar requirement and not able to find any solution on Katalon. Any inputs?

see: https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/parameterize-a-web-service-object.html