Web Service Request with Selenium Grid


Working on Standalone system with Katalon 5.10.0, Build:1

I have created Selenium Hub (with two nodes) using standalone jar. Added Hub url to Custom Capabilities (aka hub). Tested Test Suite or Test Case with hub it is working.
But if I disconnect / kill all standalone terminals / no selenium hub is running, If then I run Test Suite / Test Case selecting “hub” still it works (getting GET API response).

Please assist me what i am doing wrong. Expecting failure.

I am not sure about the behavoir and if i understand you but i think the api disregards anything what you check(chrome, remote, ie, firefox etc) because the api is based on rest (api) or xml(soap) and is not using any browser. Hope this answers your question.

Greetings Ralph,

As per my understanding If I have valid REST API Call and send it to valid server it will respond back with Response Object (say in JSON format). Now I am trying to get the same response via Selenium Hub, sending my Rest API Call to Selenium Hub. Selenium Hub internally divert call to Selenium Node (which are attached to it) and will send the request to Server to get the Response Object. This response object will be return to my Katalon Script for validation. Please do correct my understanding.

But when my Selenium Hub is not available and send my Request to Remote URL of Selenium Hub. Still I get response. Please assist me why I am getting valid response, rather than error.