Waitforpageload is not working

next script is executing instead of waiting for the page to load webui.waitforpageload (30). is there any other keyword to use until the page load or any other suggestions please?

thanks in advance

This might help:

Generally speaking, the waitForPageToLoad() method is not a good one to use. The reason is that there are an infinite number of ways to implement an application, and therefore the meaning behind a page being “done loading” has an infinite number of possibilities.

The solution is to implement your own wait conditions, custom to the app you are testing. The first step is usually to wait for an element to appear on the target page that tells you that the page is “done loading”.


thanks Brandon but it didnt help me. this is what i had written WebUI.waitForElementPresent(30). please verify and correct me if i am wrong.

You need to wait for a specific element to appear. See below for more on how to use waitForElementPresent():