Visual Testing in Katalon Studio



Which version of the “VisualTestingInKatalonStudio” project are you looking at? I presume you are looking at v1.9.2 or earlier. The most up-to-date version is v.1.10.9.

At the version 1.10.0, I made a significant change to this project. I introduced a Gradle plugin visualtestinginks, which make is very easy to “enable your own Katalon Studio project to perform Visual Testing — twins mode and chronos mode”. I changed completely the method to make your own project to be capable of Visual Testing. Therefore I DELETED the document “Step by step instruction” as its content is no longer valid as of v1.10.x.


Now @rajani.gangadhara showed his interest to this project. I got much pleased, thank you, but a bit frightened. I must confess, the version 1.10.x has some compatibility problem. The users of 1.9.x may encounter problem upgrading to 1.10.0.

To be honest, I thought nobody (except myself) would be looking at this project, so I would not have to worry about the compatibility at all.


Thanks a lot for the Quick reponse and your help :slight_smile: