Visual Testing in Katalon Studio


I did not took the time to read this thread before. And I feel bad now cause it is very good and add an important value to Katalon. And to my projects.
You did a pretty fine job, @kazurayam


I have updated VisualTestingInKatlaonStudio to version 1.8.0.

This version supported a new feature “ignoring web elements”. See Step by step instruction, section #10 for detail.

You can specify specific HTML elements to be painted with grey rectangles in the screenshot as follows.

The elements painted grey are effectively ignored when a pair of screen shots are compared.


Hi @kazurayam

Wonderful feature. This is irrelevant to that, but I suggest you create some sort of index (or table of content) since your README file is long. I believe it will prove useful to people who are looking for particular features to identify if your project offers it immediately.

Regards !


I have added Table Of Contents to the Step by step instruction document. TOC is generated by DocToc


wow, a single question get this huge effort from you @kazurayam
thanks for this huge effort :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: