Visual Testing in Katalon Studio


I am currently working on a enhancement. The typical usecase in my mind is Compare screenshots Before and After any work on a production system .

The coming new version will be capable of marking tests as failed if “one or more significant enough differences found”.

Awesome! Good to know. I will look forward to the next release!

Is there an easy way to compare screenshots that aren’t taken at the same time and aren’t the most recent screenshots?

After a bit of thought, I realized that it is possible to fulfill the first part of this requirement by making a few changes to the test suite.

Workaround: how compare images across two different test executions:


  1. Delete the call to “Test Suites/cleanMaterials” in the test suite. This prevents our old screenshots from being deleted.
  2. Delete one of the two calls to “Test Suites/Main/TS1”. Leave the one that uses the profile of the AUT you want to test. This way only one set of screenshots will be taken on each test execution

Execution workflow:

  1. Run the tests on your pre-deploy “Before” app.
    • “Before” images will be saved to the materials folder with timestamp
    • “index” file will be generated but no image diff will be performed
  2. Deploy the changes to your app.
  3. Run the tests on your post-deploy “After” app.
    • “After” images will be saved to the materials folder with the most recent timestamp
    • The most two recent sets of screen shots will be diffed, and the diff results will be written to the “index” file.
      • note: If you have run the tests between steps #1 and #3, you will need to move or delete any sets of screenshots that were saved between your “Before” and “After” screenshots

Thank you again for putting this all together, and I’ll look forward to the upcomming release!


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This is great - nice job @kazurayam

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Last weekend, the new version of “Visual Testing in Katalon Studio” has come up and running on my Mac. Still I need several weekends to write sufficient documentations.


Would it be premature to share it under “develop” or a feature branch on github?


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Please have a look at the following posts:


Let me announce the release of new version 1.10.0 of VisualTestingInKatalonStudio project.

Changes include:

  1. Chronological approach of screenshot-comparison testing of a single URL, namely “Chronos”, was newly supported in addition to the existing approach of comparing 2 URLs (dev & production) of a web application, namely “Twins”.
  2. Materials/index.html now presents 3 screenshot images (Back > diff > Forth) in Carousel format.
  3. Gradle Plugin com.github.kazurayam.visualtestinginks has been newly developed. This Gradle Plugin makes resources (Test Cases, Test Suites, Test Objects, Test Listeners, Keywords) of VisualTestingInKatalonStudio portable to other projects.

Please start with the revised README doc


Great stuff @kazurayam thank you for sharing!

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Thanks. Awesome work @kazurayam. Much Appreciated!

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Katalon Studio v6.1.5 was released. This version includes:

  • Added the capability to display all user folders/files in Test Explorer.

Now you can view the <projectDir>/Materials/index.html file generated by VisualTestingInKatalonStudio with browser inside the Katalon Studio’s GUI. You do not have to open a browser window outside KS.

I would recommend to you to upgrade KS to v6.1.5 if you are going to evaluate VisualTestingInKatalonStudio.

You can also edit and save .gitignore, file. Any other type of text files including *.js, *.css, *.bat, *.sh, *.properties, *.xml and *.json. It seems that plain (no syntax-highlighting) editor is only available.


Here is an example output from VisualTestingInKatalonStudio in action

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Hello Kazurayam,

The link which is shared for step by step instruction for ignoring web elements - > Says page not found

Can you please share the new link if it is moved from current path.

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You want to visit the following url:

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Which version of the “VisualTestingInKatalonStudio” project are you looking at? I presume you are looking at v1.9.2 or earlier. The most up-to-date version is v.1.10.9.

At the version 1.10.0, I made a significant change to this project. I introduced a Gradle plugin visualtestinginks, which makes it very easy to “enable your own Katalon Studio project to perform Visual Testing — twins mode and chronos mode”. I changed completely the method to make your own project to be capable of Visual Testing. Therefore I DELETED the document “Step by step instruction” as its content is no longer valid as of v1.10.x.

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Now @rajani.gangadhara showed his interest to this project. I got much pleased, thank you, but a bit frightened. I must confess, the version 1.10.x has some compatibility problem. The users of 1.9.x may encounter problem upgrading to 1.10.0.

To be honest, I thought nobody (except myself) would be looking at this project, so I did not take care about compatibility at all.


Thanks a lot for the Quick reponse and your help :slight_smile:

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@kazurayam Hi can I use this for testing images within larger image? Say I have a full page screenshot, then I take a smaller section of the page and say find image1 inside image 2. I tried to do this a few years ago with but there were too many false positives.


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For this use case you can try to search for Sikuli library which provides you with a set of APIs to find an image within another image.

Cheers !

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Hey Thanh, Sikuli was actually what I used back then and it wouldn’t work with finding say an element button in a full screen image.

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What was the difficulties ? I tried Sikuli before and I think it works rather nicely.

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It wouldn’t find the image I will try again maybe it’s fixed.

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