Video is empty when scenario is launched by Katalon runtime trough Jenkins windows instance

I would like to get access to video in my Jenkins report.
Katalon runtime does generate a video in folder “Reports / 20200527_180202 / sEtapes ODP et volumes / 20200527_180202 / videos /” => great :slight_smile:
But unfortunately, this video is always empty (screen is black all the time of test) :frowning:

How could I do to make Katalon runtime generate the real test video ?

katalon is launched by this command :

D:\Tools\Jenkins\workspace\Etapes ODP et volumes>cd D:\Tools\tmp

D:\Tools\tmp>“D:\Tools\Katalon_Studio_Engine_Windows_64-7.4.0\katalonc” -noSplash -runMode=console -projectPath=“D:\Tools\Jenkins\workspace\Etapes ODP et volumes\reflexCoreModel.prj” -retry=0 -testSuitePath=“Test Suites/sEtapes ODP et volumes” -executionProfile=“test Core-Model023 - 9.14” -browserType=“Chrome” -apiKey=“xxxxxx” --config -proxy.option=MANUAL_CONFIG -proxy.server.type=HTTP -proxy.server.address=xxxxxxx -proxy.server.port=xxxxx -proxy.excludes xxxxx
Katalon workspace folder is set to default location: C:\Windows\TEMP\session-374d9449
Starting Groovy-Eclipse compiler resolver. Specified compiler level: unspecified

to complete my post, in fact video is well recorded by katalon runtime when launching it directly in a DOS command prompt (“katalonc.exe …”).

But it create black videos when I launch katalonc.exe within a Jenkins instance.
It seem due to the fact that when launched in Jenkins , chrome browser is not visible at screen.

I found another post when other users have same problem than me :

I tried to launch it within "Execute windows batch command " bloc in Jenkins, and also with Jenkins Katalon plugin.
I never achieved to get a usable video :frowning:

I finally found problem and solution :face_with_monocle: thanks to this post :

My Jenkins instance is installed on a windows server and it is launch at startup as a windows service lanching “D:\Tools\Jenkins\jenkins.exe”.
So I had to uninstall Jenkins of windows services, and replace it by a dos batch file containing this :



cd D:\Tools\Jenkins
.\jre\bin\java -jar jenkins.war --webroot=“D:\Tools\Jenkins\war”

Now, I can see chrome browser launched, and Katalonc is able to record it on Jenkins !! :partying_face:

@ThanhTo, @Jass, perhaps this trick may be documented somewhere in Katalon because this is very hard to found problem !

Hi @staniere

We appreciate your contribution. We have added a tip for troubleshooting the issue of empty video recorded here.

Happy testing,


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unfortunately, tricks described above are not suffisant to get video on Jenkins.
Indeed, I get again a lot of black videos on my Jenkins workspace in Katalon Reports//video folder

I just undestood that video are ok when I am connected (with Microsoft Remote Desktop) to Jenkins server.
By after disconnecting from this remote windows server, videos get black again…

So I don’t know how to get correct videos on my Jenkins server again :frowning:

For information, my Jenkins server is a virtual windows server 2012 instance hosted on WMWARE.
I suppose that when disconnected from remote desktop, graphical process is gone and Katalon video recorder does not find any screen to record… (even if katalon continue test with no problem as we can see in Jenkins console)


Katalon video recorder is a UI service that captures the current desktop screen. When you logged out from your computer, Windows does not allow applications/services can capture your desktop screen that means the video content will be blank.

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hello @duyluong ,
so there is no way to record a video on a Jenkins instance with Katalon ?? :hot_face:

Without this functionnality, Katalon will be much less usefull as I expected as it will be difficult to analyse failed test in our Continuous Integration platform :frowning:


You can but don’t logged out when you need the video record during the test.

I am disappointed as my company bought a Katalon runtime license in order to be able to launch katalon test on our Jenkins CI/CD system. And it seem that usefull functionnality as video recording is not available on it (I think that my company is not alone to use VMware servers to host a Jenkins instance)
However, video seem more important when we use katalon in CI/CD system in order to be able to check regressions causes.

If we are not able to configure our VMware machine in order to keep open graphical after client disconnection, I will try to check how to use external librairies such as in order to get around problem, but it’s a shame to reinvent wheel as we paid for KRE.

I hope this feature request recently open will solve problem :

Hello @staniere, have you been able to use this feature in headless or even normal chrome?

hello anuradha
sorry, I did not see your question before (as I receive no email from

Today, I tried browser level video and it worked on my katalon desktop.
But I did not achieve to make it working trougth Katalon Runtime for the moment

I just open a post on it :

it is now possible to get Video from Jenkins windows instance by using browser-based video recorder
More details on this post

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