Version 6.3.3

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Hi there,
I was trying to download the v.6.3.3 today CEST 17:00 until CEST 17:29 and I have got at the end, server error message. My speed of downloading the files was 211 Mbit/s. Do you know if there is any issue with the server today?

Hi, I am unable to run scripts in debug mode:

Please check.

I updated to v6.3.3 today and now I’m finding that it takes much longer to initiate browser launch and update session.

Previously, when I ran a test script on an existing Katalon Chrome browser session, it would trigger the test within seconds. I do the same in v6.3.3 and I’m waiting a very long time. Also the initial launch of the browser is much longer, even after removing any existing ‘chromedriver.exe’ via task manager.

Wondering what’s going on and how do I resolve this?


I haven’t updated but the past few days it has been doing that too I’m on 6.3.2. I have no idea what’s causing it - even a simple test now takes close to a minute to run

I don’t understand why Katalon Studio always doing the update. After I am doing after for version, my all project errors.

I couldn’t able to find the reports option in the Test explorer. Someone pls help me out with this.
Thanks in advance

Hi @skbhuvi12, please refer to the documentation below:

Katalon has started creating problems for me since yesterday.
I have observed the following problems:

  1. Global Variables are not able to get initialized

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class internal.GlobalVariable

  1. ALL my custom keyword files are getting failed to compile with the following error:

Caught: java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:
java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:
at com.vroozi.common.Extent.(Extent.groovy:1)

This error gets resolved if I just make a change in that keyword file and save it.

This is a blocker for me and Finally I cannot execute the test cases. No words to say.