verifyElementVisible is not working in If statement


I am using verifyElementVisible in If statement but it does not work if object if object is not present.

def errorMsg1 = Mobile.verifyElementVisible(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/LMO_LoginPg/ErrorMessage1’), 5)

if (errorMsg1 == true)


Mobile.tap(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/LMO_LoginPg/ErrorMessage1’), 5)



CustomKeywords.‘writeDataToExcel.WriteDataToExcelSheet.WriteDatatoDataFile’(username, 3)

Mobile.takeScreenshot(‘C:\\Alok\\KatalonStudio_LMO\\LMO\\Test Cases\\Screenshots\\Login_LoginSuccssful.png’)


When object ‘Object Repository/LMO_LoginPg/ErrorMessage1’ is not visible, the code does not go to else part. It shows error message.
Error message:-
Test1 FAILED because (of) Failed to check for element 'Object Repository/LMO_LoginPg/errorMsg1 ’ visible (Root cause: Element 'Object Repository/LMO_LoginPg/errorMsg1 ’ not found)

Can someone tell me whether I have missed anything here and reason for getting this message?

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It looks like you need to modify the default failure handling (third argument to verifyElementVisible).

Set it to Optional.

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Thanks, It is working for me