Verify zero items returned in dynamic list

I have one Katalon case where I get the length of a dynamic list, then scroll through that list looking for strings. Works fine -

Katalon List

Now I have a different case where I need to confirm that ZERO items are listed. I tried storing the value of the length this way using the way I got the value for my While loop in the other step. But Katalon didn’t like that.

How do I verify that a dynamic list length is zero?


I changed it to match the step I mentioned that was working and it stores 0 into the variable, but when I check to see if ${resultCount} == 0, it tells me it doesn’t despite the log showing that they both are 0 -

What am I missing here?

Never mind, I figured it out! Putting the answer on here in case it helps anyone else.

Yes, zero equals zero, so I have assert that that is “true.”