Verification failed for some reason

Hello guys,

I got some problems here, I try to send request and verify but for some reason it fails, here is my error log


can you share the content of Verification tab in your Test Object?

Sure, the status 404 Not Found, but still verification should pass yes ?

hmmm, now it works, but actually I did nothing :thinking:

@Marek_Melocik I want to know, if I’m doing it right, what I did it will get all the selected ids from the database yes and check it if it works ?

Well, you gather multiple information from the request, but I can’t see any automatic verification there. You should check at least status code (2XX) and possibly response text (if it was successful and if it returns correct data).

yes, i have made it so WS.verifyResponseStatusCode(get_response, 200) as a comment, but for now it doesnt work and gives me 404 status, when it will work I will uncomment it.

It will work good with multiple data from db yes ? According to my script it will take multiple ids from db and check each one if success

Yes, it goes through all rows returned from SQL DB.

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Thanks, Marek !