Using .trim() on a variable for SetText is not removing the trailing space in the variable

WebUI.setText(findTestObject(‘Admin Portal/Page_Certification App/input_First Name_firstName’), StudentFirstName.trim())

StudentFirstName is a variable and is databound to an excel spreadsheet. Just realised that all the firstnames in the spreadsheet have trailing spaces, like Nanci is "Nanci " in the spreasheet. When I use the above statement to set value into the first name field it is still setting "Nanci " instead of “Nanci”

Am I using the correct syntax for trim() ? Should I be using replace instead?

That looks good to me.

What does this look like?

println ">" + StudentFirstName.trim() + "<"

We’re expecting >John<

The response is >Nanci <

When I tried to get the text from the first name field, I got an error message for this line of code
String StuFirst = WebUI.getText(‘Admin Portal/Page_Certification App/input_First Name_firstName’).trim().

Am I missing any Java language references?

Your call to getText() is missing a call to findTestObject()


String StuFirst = WebUI.getText(findTestObject('Admin Portal/Page_Certification App/input_First Name_firstName')).trim()

Thanks! I saw that and changed it.

Also instead of trim(), I used replace(), still shows the trailing space. This is so bizarre. Can it something other than a space after "Nanci ", but not sure what character it can be?

CR/LF? (Carriage return, Linefeed)

Try using /\n/ in your replace call - that’s a regular expression, by the way.

Thanks Russ! But that is not helping either :frowning:

I tried for space and carriage return or linefeed so far. I can just update my spreadsheet but I wanted to adjust my code so that I dont have to worry about the values in the spreadsheet.

Try /\s/

I’ll have to cleanup this thread when we nail it.


You need to see exactly what bytes there are at the tail of Nanci.

The following test case code shows how to convert a string to HEX format. Learn it and apply the method to your case.

import static com.kms.katalon.core.testobject.ObjectRepository.findTestObject

import com.kms.katalon.core.webui.keyword.WebUiBuiltInKeywords as WebUI



String text = WebUI.getText(findTestObject('Object Repository/Page_CURA Healthcare Service/a_Make Appointment'))


String hex = text.getBytes().encodeHex()   // convert byte[] to a string of HEX 




This gives me an output like:

>Make Appointment<
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I tried /\s/
Got error message to remove the \

2020-02-05 20:44:07.918 INFO c.k.k.c.keyword.builtin.CommentKeyword - >Nanci <
2020-02-05 20:44:07.925 DEBUG testcase.CertifyStudents - 7: hex = getBytes().encodeHex()
2020-02-05 20:44:08.996 DEBUG testcase.CertifyStudents - 8: comment(>$hex<)
2020-02-05 20:44:11.451 INFO c.k.k.c.keyword.builtin.CommentKeyword - >4e616e6369c2a0<

is NO-BREAK SPACE character in UTF-8 (also called &nbsp; in HTML specification)

By definition, java.lang.String.trim() call will not trim NO-BREAK SPACE.

Now please try to trim the 0xC2A0 yourself. You would be able to find some resources by Google.

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Feeling silly that I did not check the html after I entered the name in the input field using the variable… it showed Nanci&nbsp. But thanks @kazurayam for helping me figure this out!

Thanks @Russ_Thomas for you help!

Used this post to figure out what to use to replace the no break space - WebUI.getText not trimming trailing space

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