Using openWindow(

Using openWindow( <<< that is basically my code

[info] Executing: | openWindow | | |

but it takes me to this page => “” not to the link I want to go to ?

See the answer from one of the developers here

Thanks Mark – :slight_smile:

my problem is that it goes to and then nowhere else – I think it’s supposed to redirect to the actual requested page after launching – right?

If you are just using open it will take you to the page you define.

open | | |

If you use openWindow you need to supply an id and then use the command selectWindow to switch to the new window that will be opened.

openWindow | | winID |
selectWindow | winID | |

Hi Mark,

I have tried the second case here; I get the first case and that works fine :slight_smile:
The second though does not :frowning:

You will see that I have copied the coding from your example above, when I play those two lines, what happens is that openWindow does not open a new tab, which is what I want it opens an actual window. That window is akin to a pop up, which then just stays on the page – nothing after that

I would like to open a list of URLs – so that it opens a new tab and url, then the next one and so forth.

I looked for newTab command or openTab but could not find either
Thanks in advance

Ah, sorry, I should have shown the full test case for the second scenario
You have to open a page first before calling openWindow

open | | |
openWindow | | winID |
selectWindow | winID | |

Obviously you can use any URL for the first open command

Hi Mark – thanks again for the code and help

I have re-created this and it works

thing is though, I am trying to open a new tab, not a new window, this opens another chrome window on top of my existing chrome browser – I don’t want that – I’d like to open the link in a new tab in my existing browser

I have included the image below where the browser can be seen in the background and then the new window which is opened on to of that.

Thanks again