Using Custom Desired Capabilities with Profiles

I am struggling with trying to connect my individual mobile “Profiles” to it’s own “custom” project desired capabilities settings.

Every time I try to run my test It uses the “default” Project/Desired Capabilities/Mobile/Android (property}
I want to try make it smart and use custom property.

What do i have to add to make it do that?

Hi @GeneralChingChicken,

It might be easier to set the Desired Capabilities in code, as I have found problems doing it in the settings. You can use the function RunConfiguration.setMobileDriverPreferencesProperty(key, value) to set any of the capabilities that you want. You could tie that to the values in the Profiles to dynamically populate those Desired Capabilities at run time.

Hope this helps,


@Chris_Trevarthen where would you use this function? in the “.properties” file? or within a groovy script?

Hi @GeneralChingChicken,

For starters, I would put the RunConfiguration.setMobileDriverPreferencesProperty(key, value) code in your test case file, right before the Mobile.startApplication function is called. For a further example, you can check out this post:

– Chris

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Your solution works!

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Hi Chris

How can I get the current run configuration, I have custom desired capabilities and I want to get the name of running capability, In the log, I see ‘Current run configuration: chrome_88’ but how can I get that?

INFO com.kms.katalon.core.util.KeywordUtil - [LABTEST] Current run configuration: chrome_88