Urgent Test Collections test suite names disappeared with this error An internal error occurred during: "Test Suite Collection Builder". java.lang.NullPointerException

I renamed the folder directly in the Katalon Studio test explorer.
Also as a follow on this I went and changed the name back to the original name and all the test collections test suites reappeared.
for clarity:

  • Test suite folder created with test suites added to the Parent folder
  • Test collection created with both web and mobile test suites added to the collections from the Test Suite Parent folder
  • Test suite parent folder renamed = Test collection test suites disappeared, execution and null error given
  • .ts files showed the original pathway to the test suite parent folder the new folder name did not synce
  • Changed parent folder name back to original name and the Test collections test suite reappeared
  • tested execution and all ran as expected

as suggested earlier there are two options:

  1. do not allow the ability to rename folders (this to me is not the best option)

  2. ensure changes in pathways are updated with all naming convention changes

It should be noted that the name change only appeared to effect the Test Collections not the test cases or test suites themselves

Question: Does this effect any movements of cases, suites or collections from one branch to another branch within the tree any user has set up?

There should also be directions to user i.e save/restart etc to sync changes or permission required to change naming convention, warning you changes will effect test collections,

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I would pass this to @vu.tran

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