uploadFile() in iFrame not working

hi, I’m a new katalon user, I’m writing some promotion documents and demo for my colleagues(in chinese).

Last night I’m working on a upload file demo, I can upload pic success in google pic search, but when I try to upload a pic to JIRA, which is in a iFrame(of course I switch to the Frame, and I can see the element have been found in Log Viewer), uploadFile() is not working, and the Log Viewer just say the case pass, not even output a notification, maybe I found a bug, your gays can check this out.

My env: macOS 10.12.6, Chrome 65.0.3325.162, Katalon Version 5.3.1 Build 1

You can try this approach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvrYrbNHDcw. There are some cases the current upload behavior is not a classic one, I mean the web application uses custom upload control

thank you Vinh Nguyen, you solved my problem. and I have another question… I can’t found the edit entry in the topic, which I make a very serious typo mistakes…