Upgrade to v7.8.0 element not interactable

Today, I got forced by Katalon to update my Katalon (I think I was a message something like “This Katalon version is already depreciated” hence I go to Help > Check for updates…) I think all along I was using v7.3.#

  • Katalon Studio Version: 7.8.0

  • OS Version: Windows 10

  • Browser Version: Chrome 86.0.4240.198

After I updated my Katalon I immediately run a script to make sure all are working, then I noticed a significant speed on pulling data from Data Sheet from 4secs down to milli sec (which is what I’m delighted about) but then…

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open my application
  2. Login
  3. Click a function
  4. HERE - if there is a loading icon or if the object is currently not actionable (on my prev Katalon version it will wait until it can be actionable) but this v7.8.0 I noticed it does not wait any second, it will immediately do the next step, hence I always got the below:
    =============== ROOT CAUSE =====================
    Caused by: org.openqa.selenium.ElementNotInteractableException: element not interactable

Expected behavior:
I want it to wait until my object is actionable like in prev version I had. I dont see if I can set this up on my Project settings.

This will force me to:

  1. If there’s a way to store the prev version I had
  2. Build my own custom Keyword to replace this Katalon native actions
    • this 2nd option is the worst since I have to update every test case I have.

I already tested this if I put an Implicit wait (delay) my current test case will run but who wants to put this on their test case anyway. Please see below:



Can you try to use the previous version (7.7) to see if this problem occurs ?


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This version works! Thanks will use this for now.

Please do investigate the above issue.

Thank you for the prompt response! Really appreciate it @ThanhTo

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Thank you for your patient ! We’ve identified the bug and will roll out a fix soon.


Do you know when this fix will be available?

Hi @kenneth.montevirgen, @mattias.aberg

v7.8.1 has been released. Please check for update.

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This version works perfectly!


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