(unknown error: DevToolsActivePort file doesn't exist) (The process started from chrome location /usr/bin/google-chrome is no longer running, so ChromeDriver is assuming that Chrome has crashed.)

Hi Team,

While executing Katalon Studio Engine Linux from Jenkins, getting this error.
By seeing older posts, I have modified settings and added [‘args’, ‘[“–no-sandbox”,“headless”,“–disable-dev-shm-usage”]’] and [‘useAutomationExtension’, ‘false’] . But still no luck.

On linux machine, I have Chrome at version “Google Chrome 111.0.5563.64” and chromeDriver at “ChromeDriver 111.0.5563.64 (c710e93d5b63b7095afe8c2c17df34408078439d-refs/branch-heads/5563@{#995})”
I am using latest Katalon studio Engine 8.6.0

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I will ask my team if anyone can help. Refer to the following if any helps:

Can we have any update on this?

Also which chromedriver we actually use in our test execution? Is it from ‘/Katalon_Studio_Engine_Linux_64-8.1.0/configuration/resources/drivers/chromedriver_linux64’
the driver which installed on machine/server?


Please check the Chrome Browser location at /usr/bin/google-chrome to ensure it is available in this location. Or you can use the command below to link the current browser location with /usr/bin/google-chrome
ln -s [current-path-to-chrome] /usr/bin/google-chrome
Reference: python - Selenium: WebDriverException:Chrome failed to start: crashed as google-chrome is no longer running so ChromeDriver is assuming that Chrome has crashed - Stack Overflow

One more thing, have you installed xvfb in Jenkins yet?
Reference Use Katalon plugins for Jenkins integration on Ubuntu | Katalon Docs

Hi Elly,

Chrome browser and chrome driver are exactly at /usr/bin/google-chrome.
Can you pls help me to understand what version of Browser and driver is needed for Katalon 8.6.0?

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