Unable to Switch to window using Switch to Window Url, Title or Index

When i use Swtich to window index or url or title, it throws below error…What could be the problem and how to handle this. When i click on button (highlighted with red) another child window appears where in I need to search and then switch back to my parent window. Instead when i switch to child window it throws below error and window gets closed.

Error is as follows:

Unable to switch to window with title: ‘Search ~ Salesforce - Unlimited Edition’ (Root cause: org.openqa.selenium.NoSuchWindowException: no such window


You probably have the correct title from an HTML point of view, but I’m wondering if the window identifier also includes " - Google Chrome" <– note the spaces!

I could do an experiment to find out, but I’ll let you do that and let us all know B)

Thanks Russ,
I have used the title “Search ~ Salesforce - Unlimited Edition” & that is same in Page Source as well. Still unable to swtich to window…What could be the other way?

I’ve no idea what’s going on. The switch APIs definitely work, I use them myself.

Just out of interest, did you try another browser?