Unable to Submit the ticket for the issue we are facing on KSE 8.3.5 - Very frustrating

KSE is unable to run parallel execution on 2 android device or 2 iOS devices connected to my Laptop

    • Connected 2 android/iOS devices to my Laptop
    • Launched KSE v8.3.5
    • Checked if the 2 Android/iOS devices were recognized by the tool
    • Under Test Suite Collection Configured Test Suite 1 to run on Device 1 and Test Suite 2 to run on Device 2
    • Selected parallel Execution
    • Both Test Suites launched on the same device and created the conflict to the run.

Console Log.txt (33.3 KB) Console Log.txt (33.3 KB) log.txt (78.2 KB)

Hi @accounts1,

This is a known issue of KS starting from v8.1.0. The issue will be fixed in v8.4.0 which is expected to release at the end of June 2022.

For now, you can try the fix in v8.3.3.alpha

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