Unable to starts Firefox driver after installed Firefox version 63.0

Did you guys facing any issue on running test in firefox browser after installed the latest Firefox version 63?

When i try to run a test case by using firefox, it will automatic turn off the browser once i have start the test.

I receive some kind of error telling that

Driver info: driver.version: CGeckoDriver
remote stacktrace: stack backtrace:
0: 0x4821c4 -
1: 0x482933 -
2: 0x445159 -
3: 0x44eff6 -
4: 0x4322e1 -
5: 0x40ba4e -
6: 0x4119b9 -
7: 0x6d2c89 -
8: 0x426006 -
9: 0x6cd490 -
10: 0x7ffbdc923034 - BaseThreadInitThunk)


I have the same problem

See the last message.

i have been facing that type of issue when my firefox version 63 was not working, it’s going to become slow day by day because of not updating this version. Its automatically turn off. After updating the version it’s working as usual. Browsefirefox can’t find server to get more information regarding this.