Unable to start app for Android testing

I’m having a bit of a challenge around mobile testing and this is my third setup attempt.
Please can someone help with the below.
Got response ‘An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command…’ when I tried to run a test and similar when I tried to use Mobile Spy.

Using KSE 7.2.6
Appium Desktop 1.12.1
Node.js 12.16.0
Android Build Tools - 29.0.3
Android Build Tools - 26.0.2
Physical Device - Moto G6 & Android 9 & USB Debugging Mode & Moto drivers

I have a proxy at work and need to set parameters to validate my licence. I tried this test both with manual proxy and with no proxy.
Log is shown attached
Many thanks
consoleLog.txt (83.6 KB)

Hi - this can be closed (or deleted?)
Issue and fix are as per Unable to do mobile record function
Setting a desired capability fixed the issue:
uiautomator2ServerInstallTimeout : 60000

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