Unable to setText beacuse can't focus iframe child object

Hi all, im trying to set text to a web text editor like this

this is my code
WebUI. switchToFrame ( findTestObject (“RMS/RMS_TambahLowonganPekerjaan/iframe_Formats_job_desc_ifr”), 0)
WebUI. setText ( findTestObject (‘RMS/RMS_TambahLowonganPekerjaan/p’), ‘text’)

but I keep get this error
Unable to set text ‘text’ of object ‘Object Repository/RMS/RMS_TambahLowonganPekerjaan/p’ (Root cause: org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: unknown error: cannot focus element

you can add “click” step after switchToFrame

WebUI. setText ( findTestObject (‘RMS/RMS_TambahLowonganPekerjaan/p’), ‘text’)

I think need to change the element you want to set text. <p> is not a correct element to settext. I am not sure what your html look like, but try to settext to <body> instead of <p>

this the html code. please kindly help

How about using sendKeys keyword? It acts like you typing each character one by one:
WebUI. sendKeys ( findTestObject (‘RMS/RMS_TambahLowonganPekerjaan/p’), ‘text’)