Unable to set text of object


Wish we could remove that WebUI.delay call.

Instead of sending a bunch of repeated Backspaces, did you try one Ctrl-A followed by one delete?

If you were using JS, you could just call select on the control (as if you’d given the control focus and did a Ctrl-A) and then send your new value which should automatically remove the existing value. But that’s a digression at this point…


Yes dont worry - i only have the delay in when trouble shooting tests, its just makes it easier for me - in the final test it will be changed to a WebUI.waitFor… :slight_smile:

Yes i will change the backspaces for that now, thanks for the advice Russ.

ps. congrats on the promotion :wink:


Just so we’re clear, it’s not a case of being worried. Perhaps I should share my philosophy.

This forum is (should be) a knowledge-base. Threads that meander and fail to come to a workable/satisfactory solution are merely “noise”. When a new user performs a search, they have little idea how to separate the good signal from the “noise”.

My mission is to change that… especially on threads I’m involved in. I mean, if I can’t “fix” those, what chance do I stand?

Get it?

So, back to your issue. It’s a shame I don’t conduct testing the way that you do - my whole methodology is different. I am therefore at the limits of what I can suggest and “push” on you. Maybe someone else will show up and spot something I missed.


Yep - I fully understand your thinking