Unable to print the get text value in console

Unable to print the get text value in console…
Here i have attached the script and console view

that blank line you have is the result of your System.out.println
meaning the text, at the moment you use getText is an empty string, try the following things:
add a WebUI.delay(2) before the setText call, because it’s possible the element isn’t fully loaded, and after the setText call, change the delay to a bigger value and manually watch the page while the test is executing, to verify the text is, in fact, what you expect it to be
lastly, i recommend against using WebUI.delay after you’ve confirmed the test does what you expect, and replacing those with keywords that wait for a certain condition to be met(element attribute, visibility, etc)

@Priya Another possible solution instead of WebUI.getText(), you should try:

result = WebUI.getAttribute(findTestObject('04.Products/Page_One Track/Product name'), "value")

What this does is looks for the text in the value attribute of the element. This is where you can find text for inputs and textareas.