Unable to clone Git project


I’m try to connect Katalon with Git repository, but it is ending with ‘Unable to clone Git project’ in Clone Project option.

I’ve already set the needed proxy in Window -> Preferences.
And also I’ve try the command ‘git config --global http.sslVerify false’ in Git CMD, and the result was the same.

The strangest thing, is that through the ‘GitHub Desktop’ I can connect to the the Git repository, what leads me to believe that is not a proxy or security authorization problem.

Can anyone, please, give me a light?

Still having the same problem.

You mentioned GitHub Desktop. Can you clone the project you want? If yes, why not you stay using GitHub Desktop, while leaving your question about Katalon integration with Git unanswered for some days, weeks or months. I suppose you would find the answer yourself later.

Yes, even though I could connected and clone it GitHub Desktop, I’m not able to see the project repository on Katalon. Check this message error:


I could clone your GitHub repository at https://github.com/MarlonCettina/NAMS.0.git and open it with Katalon Studio successfully. This means that the ‘cannot open git-upload-pack’ problem is specific to your local Katalon Studio environment.

By googling “Eclipse cannot open git-upload-pack”, I could find many Q&As regarding the message “cannot open git-upload-pack”. It seems to be a very complicated problem.

Which Java version do you use, Java 7 or Java 8? Which version is installed in your PC?

You can check the version by:

If you are using Java 7, you should try adding
to katalon.ini file

(eclipse.ini seems to be renamed to katalon.ini in Katalon Studio;
katalon.ini file sits beside katalon.exe)

If you are using Java8, then try adding



As the following stackoverflow post tells, there seems to be so many possibilities where EGit fails to clone a Git project.

Each case depends on each runtime environment — firewall, proxy, JDK version, Eclipse network setting, etc. Helping you remotely is very difficult.

git-upload-pack not permitted

Im getting this issue while taking pull, I’m using java version 11, did you get any resolution on this.