Unable to click on a button

I need help, a button on a site dont want to be clicked. I am attaching screenshots, and one more thing, katalon is clicking exatcly the same button in step one in a form but in a step two its throwing an error.
Thanks for help

@wolczoskar Seems to be selector is getting updated 2nd time you are trying to click Continue,

Can you please share the html you see both Steps ?

How can i do it?


Please see this topic on how to use your inspector:

You will need to use the skills shown in that topic a lot, so it will be worth your time to get familiar with them.

Okay, so you are talking about this ? Screenshot_189

@wolczoskar For this, I would suggest you create another object and use it in the script where you are trying to Click “Continue” in Step 2. Set up the “Continue” Object for Step 2 like :