Unable to capture objects : Web Driver Exception

Hi @Catch,

Are you seeing an error when you click “Capture Object”? Could you share a screenshot of what your app looks like at the time you’re trying to capture?

– Chris

Hi @rajasingh.vimlax,

Something you could look at for why the app isn’t starting is to set the appWaitActivity in your project:

As for not being able to capture the object due to the screenshot exception, this can occur when you are trying to capture a screen that is marked as “secure” - this can be on login screens to prevent capturing of username and passwords. See this post for more on that:

Hope this helps,


I am not seeing any error, on clicking the capture object it is not loading the object for client id , username and password. I was able to capture it before and all on sudden when i run the test with captured object , it gave me the error fail to settext to clientid, username and password. Then i try to record again and found that during recording on clicking the capture object; it fail to load the object of the clientid, username and password.

Hi @Catch

It looks like the login form is in a webview, is that correct? Does the app use any other webviews other than the login screen? If so, are you able to capture objects on those screens? I’m wondering if there is something different about the login screen that prevents capturing objects.

You could try downgrading to Appium 1.12.1 to see if that makes any difference on your ability to capture a webview.

– Chris