Unable to capture items within a drop-down list using Record Web or Web Spy

I have been able to capture other items, but not those
on a drop-down list, whether through Web Spy or Record Web.

The screenshot attached was captured under this condition:

## **OS **(Windows
10 Pro)

## Katalon Studio Version (5.4.1)

Environment (for Web testing)
Browser (Chrome 66):

## Steps to

  1. Click either Web Spy or Record Web
  2. Paste the url of the testing site
  3. Select a New Browser, Chrome to start
  4. Click the drop-down menu
  5. Select an item within the drop-down

I’d be grateful if anyone can help.

Capture Drop-Down List.jpg

No currently either Record or Spy can’t capture item within a list. If you select an item in a list, then it will be recorded as ‘Select Item By…’ step from Recorder, and Spy can’t capture it.

We will try to improve this in later releases, so this is currently a known limitation.

Dear Nicky,

It will not capture object if you click on drop down arrow, After selecting any option from drop down list it will capture object for selected option.

thanks and regards,
Sanket Gharat.

I have been able to capture elements in a drop down by right-clicking. I later go back and change the command from ‘right click’ to mouseover, select etc. If you click on them it will bring you to the associated page/selection which is maddening, so this has been my work-around.

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