Try-Catch - Continue is not executed

I have the following issue while try-catch is executed. The “continue” on execution I get the following output . Any ideas why?

My code below:

//my steps here
catch (Exception ex) {
					String reason = ex.getMessage()
					CustomKeywords.'excel.Excel_IO.WriteData'(exceptionMessageCell, row, reason)
					CustomKeywords.'excel.Excel_IO.WriteData'(status, row, 'Error')
					if (retrying == false){
					row = row - 1
					System.out.println(">>> Failed during Execution. Retrying...");
					retrying = true
					}else if (retrying == true){
					System.out.println(">>> Failed during Execution. Moving on to next row...");
					retrying = false

Firstly, please learn to post code correctly…

The continue looks to be misplaced – and that only if there is a loop construct not shown in the code you posted.

Try placing continue AFTER the try-catch block. Either that or post the complete code (and do it nicely).

If you edit your message, you’ll see I added ``` above and below your code. That should get you started…

Sorry for that, I will keep that in mind. However my code is 195 lines that’s why I skipped the lines after try.
I tried to put the continue after try-catch block and still returns the following execution line inside the Console:

Any ideas?

Update: I realize that I don’t need “continue” I don’t know why I put it there.