To Remove double quotes in CSV file by CSVWriter

How you remove the double quotes
Can u help me with this
CSVWriter writer = new CSVWriter(new FileWriter(n, true), CSV.NO_QUOTE_CHARACTER)

Getting the following error could not find matching constructor for com.opencsv.CSVWriter(, java.lang.character)

Please help me to resolve this error

I havent used it myself, but this article

suggests that the constructor is

Syntax :
CSVWriter(Writer writer, char separator, char quotechar,
char escapechar, String lineEnd)
Description : Constructs CSVWriter with supplied separator,
quote char, escape char and line ending.

By default, CSV values are separated by ,

Just a note that a comma WITHIN a quote is NOT included as a separator.

When @puneethm removes the quotes, any quoted comma then can become a misplaced separator, changing the format of the CSV file. Just a caution.