Tip: How to use an Input Dialog in a Recorder Script

Hello community,

today I asked myself, how could it be possible to add an input dialog in a recorder script. Here is one possibility.

I use the command addScript with a two JavaScripts commands.
var passwd = prompt(“Please enter the
password”,“Angel”); document.getElementById(‘loginform-password’).value
= passwd;

The first command opens an input dialog and the second command sets the element.

On this way we have the possibility to request for user input, if it is necessary, e.g. in semi-automatic processes.

Enjoy it.





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Thank you a lot for this great tutorial. I will add a reference to this in our documentation.

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Does not seem to be working on Firefox… no prompt shows up,
how would one use on on the Sample, like : https://katalon-test.s3.amazonaws.com/demo-aut/dist/html/form.html