The Test application URL mentioned in sample github project is not working


@devalex88 @Vinh_Nguyen @Katalon_Studio @Trong_Bui

The URL mentioned in the github project is not working.


Thank you so much @disover_katalon. We’ve moved it to It’s surprising that you caught this since we hadn’t shown this sample on Katalon Studio yet.


@devalex88 and team … Needless to say…:wink: You guys are doing a commendable job. Appreciate it. :+1: The scripts are executing successfully.

These sample projects has helped the Katalon community a lot.

@devalex88, @Vinh_Nguyen @Katalon_Studio @Trong_Bui The below sample project has good example wrt to API / Web Testing. Some of the testcases are not working. Could you please fix it. Thanks a ton.