The click action of Katalon is not working when the automated test executes in IE

The click action of Katalon is not working when the automated test executes in IE. It returns ‘Passed’ as a result to the click action but it was not reflected/performed in IE. Also, the click action works fine with Chrome and Firefox.

Solutions Tried:

  1. I have tried to configure my setup through this documentation provided by Katalon - Internet Explorer Configurations. This involves:
  • Tweaking the ‘Enable Protected Mode’ on all available zones.
  • Disabling ‘Enable Enhanced Protected Mode*’.
  • Setting IE’s zoom level to 100%
  • Creating a registry entry.
  1. I also tried to follow the possible solutions provided in an article: Challenges to run Selenium Scripts with IE Browser

  2. Injected JavaScript as an alternative for Katalon’s click action.

The latter solution - JavaScript, is perfectly working with Chrome and Firefox, again. But is not reflected/performed with IE. Neither of the solutions and threads online actually worked.


  • OS: Windows 10
  • IE: 11.885.17134.0
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Have you a wait for element clickable step before the click ?

I had the same problem before and didn’t have any soluton. I just decided to test with Chrome only instead.

Hi there Helena! I always have WaitForElementVisible before manipulating any objects in my automated tests. As expected, in my case it returned ‘Passed’ as it’s truly visible and clickable. Same applies with WaitForElementClickable. Problem is the Click action was executed and it returns ‘Passed’ status and I can verify that it really clicked the desired object since it was performed/reflected in both Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox but is not reflected/performed in Internet Explorer. The same behavior with the JavaScript that I injected as an alternative for the Click action of Katalon. The Click action was executed, reflected and performed in Chrome & Mozilla but was not performed in IE though it returns ‘Passed’.

Hi @Nilau, I could just do that too but I can’t disregard the fact that most of our users are using Internet Explorer. Hopefully any Katalon Moderator/Dev could address this issue as I’m pretty certain it’s not just the two of us that encountered this.

Did you try using JavascriptExecutor?

WebElement element = WebUiCommonHelper.findWebElement(obj,30)
WebUI.executeJavaScript(“arguments[0].sendKey(’’)”, Arrays.asList(element))

Check these link for details.

Visible don’t means Clickable did you try with the two steps ?
Did you try add a delay step before the click ?

You can also see Javascript executer to perform click but step doesn't pass even though button is clicked and Click action on Internet Explorer

I am having the same issue and might have partially solved it with sendKeys.ENTER, I saw someone posted that solution here: