Tests failing in Chrome headless but don't fail in Firefox headless and in Chrome UI mode

Hi, guys!
Looking for your help with my situation.

Several test cases periodically crash in Chrome headless mode and do not crash in Firefox headless and Chrome UI mode.
This situation greatly interferes with the execution of these tests remotely, in the pipeline on our server.
The main reason for test failures is - Objects are not found (and the driver can’t interact with them). But at the same time, as I pointed out earlier, in the Firefox headless these tests pass perfectly.

To avoid failing tests, I took the following steps:

  1. Increase the View port size
  2. Added a Delay or Wait for Element Visible for the objects
  3. Changed Xpath locators for the objects

In some cases, it really helped. But there are still important tests where Chrome Headless doesn’t “want” to find objects.