TestRail Plugin not send error/failed log

Hi guys,

Could you help me to send error/failed log into Result Comment in TestRail using TestRail plugin?
Because in my TestRail only update the status of the test. E.g: Passed → Error.
But when I use this code, i could send the message into Result Comment (Without using TestRail plugin).

Is there any way to send error log into Result Comment with TestRail plugin?

Thank you.


Is there any chance that the Katalon team will clarify their thoughts about this scope?

The Katalon Team, please, can you look into this topic? The Testrail plugin is now a part of the Katalon Studio.

Take a look on this situation, please.

Is my organization the only customer who uses the TestRail - Katalon integration?

Hi Vitallica,

Since you are a KSE user, kindly submit a ticket on the helpdesk for customer support, meanwhile, we will investigate this.