Testrail plugin: com.katalon.platform.api.execution.TestSuiteExecutionContext class getMessage()

There is the “com.katalon.platform.api.execution.TestSuiteExecutionContext” class in the Katalon Testrail plugin.

In the plugin it is used here:
List<Map<String, String>> data = testSuiteContext.getTestCaseContexts().stream().map(testCaseExecutionContext → {
String status = mapToTestRailStatus(testCaseExecutionContext.getTestCaseStatus());
the testCaseExecutionContext has the next methods: getTestCaseStatus(), getMessage(), getStartTime(), getID(), etc.
All of those methods work as expected and return real values, except the getMessage() method.
It returns an empty value either test case is PASSED or FAILED.
So, for example, the next string is totally legal but it doesn’t work.
String testMessage = testCaseExecutionContext.getMessage()

In the Katalon itself the com.kms.katalon.core.context.TestCaseContext works as expected and the getMessage() method returns non-empty value.

Can some of Katalon developers look into this, please, and say what is wrong with that method?

com.katalon.platform.api.execution.TestCaseExecutionContext public abstract String getMessage()
Maven: com.katalon:com.katalon.platform:1.0.16