TestOps Schedule time is ignored and next run time is defaults to when Schedule was created

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  • Katalon Studio Version:7.8.2
  • OS Version:Windows10
  • Browser Version:Chrome

Steps to Reproduce

1.Create TestOps Schedule for existing Plan as shown in screenshot. Note the run time in “From” is 18:00 hours.

2.Next run time in Test Ops and previous screenshot shows 12:30 which is my current time now.

Expected behavior
I set start time for 16:00 but it was ignored and the start time is my current time.
I expect the start time to be the time set in the schedule.

Other odd behavior is the time difference in the screenshot below.
Why does it show -6:00 when I hover over the Next Run Time on the TestOps “Plan” page?


hi @jim.sears,
When creating a schedule with start time in the past, the first job will execute immediately.
-6:00 presents your timezone