TestLink Integration

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Hi! I followed the steps to make a katalon-testlink integration. Once I got it, I clicked on reload plugins and it shows me the plugin but, when I go to project>settings>plugins it has nothing. I have the lastest version of Katalon Studio (6.1.5) and I have an API key already. Please, what could I be doing wrong? how could I finally use the testlink plugin in my project?

same here. I can’t seem to display or make it appear in the plugins section:

I can see the plugin. I followed all the instructions but cannot see execution results in Testlink. Did anyone have any success with Testlink + Katalon integration?

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In the article, the last section Test Execution Results update on TestLink just states “Before execution, the test status will be “Not Run” on Testlink. If the test case is passed, the status will be updated as “Passed”.”

I am not seeing tests update in TestLink after following the article. How does Katalon know which test it should be marking as Passed on TestLink? Is there a way to define this in Katalon and state Test A in Katalon is linked to Testxxxx in TestLink?

Also as I am using TestLink 1.9.17 and I do not see the option to set test cases as Automated execution but instead have added the ‘automated’ keyword to the tests as mentioned in this document: http://mantis.testlink.org/file_download.php?file_id=378&type=bug