Test Result sending from Email is not correctly

Hi team,

Currently, my team is applying Katalon Studio to our project. We work on Windows 10 and this issue is causing misunderstandings to receivers who get emails sending from Katalon.

The email generated the wrong information for total failed/error cases when we use the rerun function of the test suites. Here is an example:


In this test suite collection, we have only 14 test cases. When executing, there are one failed case and one error case, Katalon reran those two cases, and they got passed. However, the email is sent with the wrong information, it notifies that there are 14 passed cases, 1 fail case, and 1 error case. That is not matched with our expected, it should show only 14 passed cases. Because when showing like that, it could make confusion that we ran 16 cases (14 passed, 1 failed, 1 error).

To resolve this issue, I think the team should add one more variable for Total Cases and update the failed/error cases after they are rerun.

Hi @angiang,

Thanks for reaching out. Which Studio version are you using? Please download our latest version 8.1.0 and try again. Or you can send us the report in private message.


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