Test data with id..... does not exist


I am currently trying to add an Excel data file to my Katalon tests.

I create the data file and stored that in the Data Files folder of the Katalon Studio folder.

I linked the data file to Katalon:

I created a Data Preparation test case and added the following:

def datainfo = [‘sitenames’:‘’]

def data = TestDataFactory.findTestData(“Data Files/td_SitesNames.xlsx”)

datainfo.sitename = data.getValue(1,4)

return datainfo

I referenced the data preparation test case in my script:

def info = WebUI.callTestCase(findTestCase(‘Sprint 1/DD_Data_Preparation_Tests/DD_001_Data_Preparation_SiteNames’), [:], FailureHandling.STOP_ON_FAILURE)

//parameter creation for sitename

**def sitename = info.sitename

**When i run my test the following error keeps being thrown:

**Test Cases/Sprint 1/DD_Data_Preparation_Tests/DD_001_Data_Preparation_SiteNames FAILED because (of) java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot find test data with id ‘Data Files/td_SitesNames.xlsx’ because (of) ‘java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Test data with id ‘Data Files/td_SitesNames.xlsx’ does not exist’
I am lost at this point. Is the file incorrectly linked? Am i doing a long winded approach to something that could be accomplished in a simpler way?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Katalon Data File.PNG

Did you find the solution, I am getting the same issue?

What is the precise location of the “td_SitesNames.xlsx” file?
i.e. "C:\…\…\Data Files\td_SitesNames.xlsx"What is the precise name and location of the Project file?

i.e. “C:\…\…\.prj”

@6621-ZaneSingh Please make sure you are using the Data File’s ID, not the File Name. Right-click the Data File object in the Tests Explorer, then click Properties. You should use the ID, but the Name alone might work. If your ID has the file extension (.xlsx) in it, try renaming the Data File object (not the file itself) to remove the extension.