Table with several fields (WebGUI)

I have a table with several fields (WebGUI). The system stops at the 1st field and does not jump to the “Variable price” (Variabler Preis) field, where I have to enter a number. What can I do?

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Does the SAP application allow you to review the HTML of the table cells? If it does, then perhaps you can show us the HTML and we will be able to assist you better. If it does not, then use the Web Spy and check the pathway of the first cell and the “Variable Price” cell. See if there is a similarity that you need or just use the pathways to set text into the cell.
Perhaps a pathway may be like:

Hi, please see here the screenshots attached.
HTML is not possible in SAP WebGUI. I checked with Web Spy (Screenshots attached). Unfortunately t

here is no identification of table …

Let’s see the DOM for this table, specifically that input in that cell

I notice the directory structure of the statement just above the red box is different than within the red box, yet you do not have any wait statements in-between, such as:'Page_Panung LeistungenTarife ndern Einstieg/div_bersichtsbildHervorgehoben'))

"wait for the page to become stable"
WebUI.waitForElementVisible(findTestObject('Page_Panung LeistungenTarife ndern bersichtsbild/span_H_InputField'), 10)'Page_Panung LeistungenTarife ndern bersichtsbild/span_H_InputField'))

WebUI.setText(findTestObject('Page_Panung LeistungenTarife ndern bersichtsbild/input_H_InputField'), '90')
 "and verify the text was set"
WebUI.verifyElementAttributeValue(findTestObject('Page_Panung LeistungenTarife ndern bersichtsbild/input_H_InputField'), "value", '90', 10)
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