SwitchToWindowTitle is not working for partial text

public static io.appium.java_client.windows.WindowsDriver<org.openqa.selenium.WebElement> switchToWindowTitle (String windowTitle)

Finds and switches the opening application window to the working WindowsDriver session on the current desktop by the given title. This keyword should use when:

  • The main application window has been closed and replaced by another window.
  • The application has multiple working windows. We can switch among these windows.
  • We already have an opened application and need to switch to without reopening requires


StepFailedException If Katalon Studio could not find any window that matches with the given title.


The WindowsDriver after Katalon Studio switches successfully.


windowTitle - Title of the opening application windows. Full text or partial text is acceptable.



Please provide more info:

  • Related script
  • Screenshot of the current desktop that causes this keyword failed

Scenario: I’m clicking a word doc log then I’ll see this pop up


Without closing the MS word doc I can’t proceed next steps

but here is another problem the word doc half part is dynamic like canpass_obfb.doc - compatibility …

But I can’t capture the file name anyway because it randomly picked by system.

please let me know if you need more info.

I try to switch word doc by title name.


Switch to Window Title only apply for the application window, not a dialog.
This dialog is under the main application window, you can find it under the All Objects tree.